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Trying to attract attention from the print, online or broadcast media can be a fruitless task for the uninitiated. Many companies will spend vast swathes of time crafting a press release that journalists simply ignore, or significant sums of money on a dedicated PR company without achieving significant results. When you try to gain media attention for your company, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the story you are presenting to journalists compelling, or even of interest to those outside your company? Would you read it if you saw it online or in a newspaper?
  • Are you targeting your story to the correct publications or other organs? Will it be of interest to the audience – and are potential clients among that audience?
  • Are you reaching the key decision makers with your press release or follow-up phonecall? Do you know who decides what stories are picked up in your targeted media, and can you develop a relationship with them?
  • Does your press release or story present your company in a way that’s consistent with your carefully-designed brand identity?
  • Can you or someone within your company add ‘meat’ to the bare bones of your story by making themselves available for interview?

We can help put a structure on your PR and Media Relations activity, allowing you to use the media effectively for a manageable cost. To find out how we can help, email us at

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